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Science of Sport builds (x3) and tour of Europe and USA

Budget £3m+

Scope: To build three copies of 1200m2 Science of Sport interactive exhibition and then to tour and finally permanently install into various locations world wide.

SPAIN Cuidad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Centre for Arts and Science) Valencia (1M) - 1200m2 interactive experience.

Managing the production of the exhibition in the UK.

Installing the exhibition in Spain under very difficult circumstances (building delays, working practices, etc).

UK Chelsea Football Club 1.2M - 1200m2 sport experience within a new leisure facility at Chelsea Village.

Managed and produced 3D elements of exhibition, inc all Health and Safety aspects.

EUROPE Toured final copy of Science of Sport (1200m2) to four UK venues, three European venues.

USA Installed into a venue where we trained our counterparts to tour the show.

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